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Debugging Toolkit

The Debugging Toolkit for the Lightroom Classic SDK provides some basic debugging tools for plugin development:

  • strict.lua: The standard script from the Lua distribution that detects undeclared global variables (usually typos).
  • Require.lua: A replacement for the standard require that provides the ability to reload all files and to define a search path for loading .lua files from shared directories.
  • debuggingtoolkit.lrdevplugin: Provides quick, easy loading and reloading of scripts (whether or not they’re part of a plugin) and executing them with the debugger..
  • Debug.lua: A standalone debugging module that provides an interactive debugger with error trapping, stepping, breakpoints, stack traces, and evaluation of variables and expressions; a “pretty printer” that nicely formats any Lua value (including nested and circular tables); some logging tools; and a rudimentary elapsed-time profiler for functions.

If you’re looking for a full IDE, consider ZeroBrane Studio, which has a very good reputation. With respect to debugging, the Debugging Toolkit handles Lightroom’s asynchronous tasks more fluently, providing better tracebacks of call stacks and stepping through pcall() and LrFunctionContext methods.

Download and Install

  1. Download
  2. Unzip and read the section “Getting Started” in the file Debugging Toolkit.html.


This free toolkit is provided “as is”, but please send problems, bugs, suggestions, and feedback to