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Export LUT
Create LUTs (3D color lookup tables) from develop presets or the develop settings of photos. Use those LUTs in video editing and other applications to get the same look as the Lightroom presets or develop settings. Much easier to use and more accurate color than the free IWLTBAP LUT Generator.

Apply LUT
Import and apply LUTs (3D color lookup tables) to photos to get the same look as your videos.

Any Crop
Create named crop presets with many more options than with the Crop tool. Prepare multiple crops for a batch of photos all at once. Avoid Lightroom bugs when copying crops. Divide contact sheets into individual frames.

Copy Settings
Copy Develop settings between photos with different formats, orientations, and crops, avoiding long-standing Lightroom bugs copying local adjustments, crops, transforms, and red-eye corrections. Define presets of commonly used groups of settings.

Any Preset
(Lightroom 7.2 or earlier) Provides functionality for working more efficiently with presets that Adobe finally added (mostly) to Lightroom 7.3.

Fix Presets (free)
Organize develop presets and creative profiles into Lightroom groups in the Presets panel and Profile Browser by putting them into disk folders using Finder / File Explorer.

Tagging and Metadata

Any Filter
Smart collections and metadata browser on steroids—search, explore, sort, and export many more photo fields than are built-in to Lightroom (over 430 fields). Use additional operators including exact text match, pattern matching, and testing for empty fields. Do sophisticated searches on keywords and face tags. Export the fields to text files.

Any Vision
Use Google AI to tag photos with objects, events, landmarks, logos, face expressions, and dominant colors. Find photos in large catalogs much faster. Extract text (OCR) from signs and athletes’ bibs. Translate the tags to over 100 different languages.

Any Tag
Enter keywords with just a few keystrokes without accidentally creating new ones. Quickly filter photos by exact keywords. Attach descriptions to keywords. Let address suggestions be accessible by all parts of Lightroom.

Any Comment
Work more efficiently with comments and likes from Lightroom Mobile and publish services like Flickr. Search and filter comments across the entire catalog and see all comments for a photo in one place.


Any Video Preset
Adds presets to Lightroom for exporting videos and slideshows in 2K and 4K, 30 and 60 fps, landscape and portrait. You can also add your own presets.

Any Shortcut
Change any Lightroom Classic keyboard shortcut. View and search shortcuts in the 16 languages supported by Lightroom. Provides the most comprehensive list of Lightroom shortcuts available, based the Lightroom Queen’s organization.

Any File
Import any type of file into your catalog and manage the files just like photos—PDFs, GIFs, Word and Excel documents, audio files, videos whose format isn’t recognized by Lightroom. Assign ratings, captions, keywords, and other metadata to the files and add them to collections. Quickly open them in their default Windows / Mac editing program.

Any Source
Quickly switch to any folder or collection from any module (Develop, Map, Print, …). Go back to previous source, filter, and selection combinations (the way Lightroom’s back button should really work). Synchronize smart collections with the Lightroom cloud. Find and publish changes to multiple published collections at once. Go to All Photographs with a keyboard shortcut. Auto Stack photos more flexibly.


PSB Quick Look
Fast previews and thumbnails in Finder for Photoshop PSB and PSD files. Twenty times faster than the default Quick Look for very large files.

Debugging Toolkit (free)
Provides debugging tools for plugin development, including an interactive debugger and a pretty printer for Lua values.

About me: I’m a retired software engineer who’s been developing Lightroom plugins since 2010. I eat my own dog food, using these plugins with my personal Lightroom catalogs. As a long-time moderator in the Adobe Community forums and the Lightroom Queen forum, I stay in touch with Lightroom users of all stripes, from novices to sophisticated hobbyists to professionals.

If you have questions, suggestions, or bug reports, please contact me at