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Fix Presets

Fix Presets is a free plugin that works around a number of limitations and bugs in Lightroom’s Develop presets, most of which were introduced in Lightroom 7.3:

  • Make the subfolders on disk containing the presets’ .xmp files mirror the groups of presets shown in the Preset panel. If you change a preset’s group in the Preset panel, Lightroom will not move the .xmp file into the corresponding subfolder.
  • Make the Preset panel’s groups match the subfolder structure of the presets’ .xmp files on disk, using nested subfolders if you want.
  • Move imported presets into the catalog folder when the option Store presets with this catalog is enabled.
    Bug report
  • Add Adjustment Brush settings from the currently selected photo to the presets. Lightroom doesn’t capture the adjustment brush in presets.
    Feature request
  • Correct the order of the presets in the Presets panel, so they appear alphabetically, with embedded numbers ordered numerically. (Fixed in Lightroom 8.3.)
    Bug report

Download and Install

Fix Presets requires Lightroom Classic 7.3.1 or later. (The newer cloud-focused Lightroom doesn’t support plugins.)

  1. Download
  2. If you’re upgrading from a previous version of Fix Presets, exit Lightroom and replace the existing fixpresets.lrplugin folder with the new one extracted from the downloaded .zip. Restart Lightroom and you’re done.
  3. If this is a new installation, extract the folder fixpresets.lrplugin from the downloaded .zip and move it to a location of your choice.
  4. In Lightroom, do File > Plug-in Manager.
  5. Click Add, browse and select the fixpresets.lrplugin folder, and click Select Folder (Windows) or Add Plug-in (Mac OS).

Using Fix Presets

Invoke the menu command File > Plug-in Extras > Fix Presets. The All Presets tab contains the commands that operate on all presets at once, and the Selected Presets tab contains the commands that operate on individual presets.

After making any changes to presets, you must restart Lightroom, forcing it to reread the presets.

Before modifying presets and preset folders, the plugin makes backup copies to make it easier to recover the originals and to protect against any bugs in the plugin. Backup copies of individual preset files have the extension .xmp_original and reside in the same folder. The backup copies of the user presets folder and the built-in presets folders are stored in the parent of the original folders.

To restore selected presets to their unmodified version, click Selected Presets, select the desired presets, and then click Restore Original. Alternatively, do Show in Finder and rename preset.xmp_original to preset.xmp.


Please send problems, bugs, suggestions, and feedback to

Version History


  • Initial release.



  • Improved caption for Fix Ordering.
  • Organize into Subfolders better accommodates presets with the same filename.


  • Added the Set Constrain Crop On / Off commands.


  • Organize into Groups makes the Preset panel’s groups mirror the on-disk folder structure.
  • Fix Ordering fixes presets missing an explicit group, which can trip up sorting.
  • Add Adjustment Brush adds the current on/off setting of the Adjustment Brush panel.



  • Made compatible with Lightroom 8.3.
  • Removed Hide Built-in Presets, which was added to later versions of Lightroom.
  • Removed Remove Treatment and Profile, which worked around a bug that was later fixed.
  • Removed Add Missing Enables and Add Constrain Crop, which did nothing. They were added in anticipation of Adobe fixing bugs, which they later said they wouldn’t fix.


  • Made compatible with the preference Store Presets with Catalog in Lightroom 8.3.
  • Worked around obscure group issues with Lightroom 8.3.
  • Worked around problems with imported settings in Lightroom 8.3.
  • Added Show in Finder commands.


  • Fixed problem with &, <, and > appearing in preset names, apparently triggered by Lightroom 8.3.


  • Made Fix Ordering more compatible with Lightroom 8.3 (and perhaps some earlier versions). After you run Fix Ordering one more time, it should no long be necessary to run it again, since it appears Adobe has fixed all the bugs with proper sorting of presets in the face of renaming, moving, and importing presets and using Camera Raw.


  • Fixed bug when Store presets with this catalog is selected and the language is other than English.


  • Removed the Constrain Crop On/Off commands, since Lightroom 8.3 finally fixed the bugs with Constrain Crop saved in presets. Bug report.


  • Organize into Groups now ignores any clusters that developers of commercial presets sometimes use to gather all their presets in a separate section of the Presets panel.


  • Handles presets missing the XMP Group tag, which apparently Lightroom allows.